Steps for How to Rip DVD to Flash Card for Storage

DVD (Digital Video Disc) is a widely-used disc medium for movies, data storage, software and video games. Making a backup of a DVD’s contents to a Flash Card is useful for users who need a permanent storage solution. Copying DVD to Flash Card is a convenient way to back up your movies or bring them with you while away from home or when you don’t have access to your personal computer or DVD collection. Whether you want to copy DVD at anywhere, you can use third-party software to convert the disc to a video file.

To complete the process, install a free DVD-ripping program such as Pavtube BDmagic, WinX DVD Ripper, FormatFactory or Freemake Video Converter. Such programs enable you to rip the disk to a variety of popular video formats, including MPEG, WMV and AVI. After you rip the DVD, use Windows Explorer to transfer the file to a Flash Card.

About Flash Card

Flash Card is the use of Flash Memory of electronic information technology to meet the storage Memory, the commonly used in digital cameras, PDA, MP3 and other small digital products as a storage medium, so small, like a Card, so called Flash CARDS. According to the different manufacturers and different applications, Flash Memory CARDS about SmartMedia (SM), Compact Flash (CF Card), MultiMediaCard (MMC Card), Secure Digital (SD Card), the Memory Stick (Memory Stick), XD Picture Card (XD) and micro hard disk (MICRODRIVE). Although these flash CARDS appearance, specification is different, but the technical principles are the same.

Method One: Using Pavtube DVDAid to Rip DVD to Flash Card

Here, Pavtube BDMagic is highly recommended to help you finish the DVD to Flash Card or Memory card / Storage Device for Portable Movie / Video data Playback. It can help you rip Blu-ray, DVD movies to Flash Card supported MP4, AVI, MOV, etc, so that you can play your Blu-ray/DVD files through Flash Card without any limitations! What’s more, this program comes with a built-in video editor that allows you to edit Blu-ray, DVD movies by trimming, cropping, adjusting video effects, etc. If you are using a Mac, you can go to Pavtube BDMagic for Mac. Now download this tool and follow the instructions to convert DVD to videos for Flash Card. Read the review.

Free Download Top DVD to Flash Card Converter:

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Step 1: Insert DVD and Add Movie

Double click to open Top DVD to Flash Card Ripper, then insert a DVD disc to your DVD-Rom and click DVD Disc. You can also import DVD folder from your computer hard drive.

Step 2: Choose an Output Video Format

Flash card supports storing almost all kinds of video formats. However, when linked to a device for playing, the video file should of the format accepted by the device, for example, a smart TV, a computer and a desktop. So you are required to figure out the exact input video formats supported by the device you are to play the DVD video with.

For portable devices including Android tablets, MP4 is recommended since it has wide application/acceptance, good video quality and small file size. For TV, MPEG/WMV/AVI/MKV format is so far accepted by most brands.

Tip: Pavtube DVD to Flash Card Ripper let users control/customize output file quality. To improve video quality, simply click “Settings” and set video bitrate up.

Step 3: Click “Convert” to start

If you do not need to change the default output folder and disk, just hit the big “Convert” button to begin the fast DVD to flash card ripping and conversion process.

Method Two: Using WinX DVD Ripper to Copy DVD to Flash Card

Step 1. Insert the DVD into the computer’s disk drive.

Step 2. Click the “DVD Disc” button on the toolbar. Select the name of the disk in the popup window and then click “OK.”

Step 3. Select your preferred output format, such as MP4, WMV or FLV, from the Video Format toolbar. To change the resolution of the video, click the “Video Resolution” drop-down menu and select your preferred dimensions. If you would like to keep the same resolution as the original DVD video, choose the “Original Size and Keep Aspect Ratio” option from the “Output Image Setting” drop-down menu.

Step 4. Click the “Folder” button on the toolbar. Select a destination folder for the ripped video file, and then click “OK.”

Step 5. Click the “Start” button. When the ripping process completes, the video file is saved to your chosen destination folder.

Method Three: Using FormatFactory to Play DVD from Flash Card

Step 1. Insert the DVD into the disk drive.

Step 2. Click the “ROM Device/DVD/CD/ISO” tab in the navigation pane, and then click the “DVD to Video File” button. FormatFactory loads the disk automatically and the “DVD to Video File” window appears.

Step 3. Click the Video Format drop-down menu and select your preferred output format, such as AVI, MP4 or MPG.

Step 4. Click the “Output Setting” button to customize the video resolution or aspect ratio. If you would like to keep the default settings, skip this option.

Step 5. Enter a name for the video files in the File Title field.

Step 6. Click the “Convert” button. When the ripping process is complete, the video file saves to the desktop automatically.

Method Four: Using Freemake Video Converter to Backup DVD to Flash Card

Step 1. Click the “DVD” button on the toolbar. Select the disk in the “Browse for Folder” dialog box and click “OK.”

Step 2. Choose a video file type, such as MP4, AVI or MKV, from the Format menu.

Step 3. Click the “Preset” drop-down menu in the Output Parameters dialog box and select a custom video resolution. To keep the same resolution as the DVD, choose the “Same as Source” option.

Step 4. Click the “…” button to open the “Save As” dialog box. Enter a file name for the video and select a destination folder in the Windows Explorer navigation pane. Click the “Save” button to exit the window.

Step 5. Click the “Convert” button. The video file saves to your chosen destination folder when the ripping process completes.

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