High recommended Horror Movies that Will Scare You in Halloween

Halloween is a time for Horror! Movie-wise, it’s a time to hunker down with friends and loved ones, and watch the most terrifying films ever made. A time to scream, jump, shake, and generally have the Beetlejuice scared out of you. Here, These are the films which I feel best embody the spirit of the Halloween season. Not the scariest or best of the horror genre, but the films with the right mood and atmosphere for the holiday.

Top 1. Halloween

You can’t have a Halloween movie night without the movie named after the event. Whether it’s the original starring a young Jamie Lee Curtis, or the Rob Zombie remake, this is a October 31 must-watch.

Top 2. Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton’s beautiful masterpiece admittedly gave me a few nightmares as a kid, but now I can fully appreciate the tale in all of its sad splendor. Be warned: while it may not give you a scare, it may evoke a few tears instead.

Top 3. Hocus Pocus

Arguably my favorite Halloween movie for kids, Hocus Pocus features Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as three witches who are on a hunt for eternal youth on Halloween. Thora Birch plays the heroic young trick-or-treater who falls into their clutches when her older brother wakes them from a deep sleep.

Top 4. The Exorcist

Tales of cinemagoers passing out and throwing up in the aisles gave this film a notoriety that few have been able to match. It does seem a bit dated and cheesy now, but there’s something about The Exorcist that still manages to get under your skin.

Top 5. The Amityville Horror

The thing that makes this a truly scary movie is that it is allegedly based on a true story. The Lutz family fled their new home, saying they had been victim of ghostly goings-on.

Top 6. The Blair Witch Project

This film was heavily parodied in Scary Movie, but the use of “found footage” style, plus the sheer terror the actors conveyed made the woods a scary place for a long time.

Top 7. The Omen

What is it about little kids being demonic (The Ring, The Exorcist)? It’s enough to put you off childbirth for life! A cautionary tale for all future parents – you could give birth to the Devil!

Top 8. Valka

This one is for the cool moms. And what was cooler in Strong Female Characters this year than Cate Blanchett’s mysterious dragon rider… especially with that freaky mask.

Top 9. Lucy

An easy costume with pop culture punch. Lucywas a big enough hit that if you get the dark roots bad blonde dye job right, and are smart enough to switch it out for a black wig without warning (change your hair color with your mind. Use more than 10% of your brain and hair salons – who needs ’em) everyone will know who you are. Bonus points for the overachievers who can figure out how to work in her whole ‘becoming a computer with weird black entrail blobbiness.’ No, I don’t know what was happening in that movie as previously discussed.

Top 10. Amazing Amy

This would be a hard one to pull off but if people recognized who you were dressed as they would absolutely love it. How exactly do you convey elusive missing possibly murdered Amy Dunne? Do you try to recreate a children’s book cover of “Amazing Amy”? Do you go with a bloody slip and box cutter? Her on-the-lam incognito look? Or do you get more creative by including your actual hubby?

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