How to Play 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+

For the Tivo enthusiast, the real boon is that TiVo unveiled the newest product: TiVo BOLT+ which can stream and record 4K content, comes with 3TB of storage and six tuners. The best highlight is that TiVo BOLT+ is capable of 4K 60p with 10 bit Rec 2020 color capabilities. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+? The wide visual enjoyment, high speed playback, thousands of color capabilities, so wonderful.

Contact 4K Blu-ray with TiVo BOLT+ is a perfect match, like Beckham and football: Best partner. How to play 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+? What do you need to do? From the TiVo BOLT+ port, we can find the answer: Ethernet port which can support 10/100/1000 Mbps, External storage port (eSATA), USB port, HDMI cable. So user can save the 4K Blu-ray to external storage device, then insert to TiVo BOLT+ port for playing. Also can upload to NAS and play 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+ by Ethernet port, connecting TiVo BOLT+ to 4K TV for playing 4K Blu-ray by HDMI cable? Perfect option!

Whatever any ways you choose, first task is to how to transfer the 4K Blu-ray disc content to other devices for storage. No doubt, a third 4K Blu-ray Ripper software is the hot tool which can help you to move the 4K Blu-ray disc content to other devices. This article will introduce you the best 4K Blu-ray Ripper and tell you the comprehensive way to watch 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+.

tivo bolt+

Best 4K Blu-ray Ripper for playing 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+

Find a best 4K Blu-ray Ripper software from the boundless softwares sea is hard, user need to spend much time, energy. Some 4K Blu-ray Ripper software claims that convert any 4K Blu-ray without any protection, after paying the money, all the promises are gone like wind, user can’t find any help windows. Polish the eyes when you are searching the software. From the constant test and reliable verify, one software is friendly, safe and reasonable price: ByteCopy for Windows/Mac which can be your close 4K Blu-ray friends.

User can backup 4K Blu-ray to H.265 compression for resolution up to 4096×2160 with this 4K Blu-ray Ripper software. Good news, this software allows user to output 4K H.265 MP4, 4K H.265 MKV which are all supported by TiVo BOLT+. when user chooses to convert 4K video in H.264 or H.265 codec, the conversion speed is 30x faster than any other 4K Blu-ray Ripper, because this software takes full use of NVIDIA CUDA technology and AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP).

What’s more, 4K Blu-ray is a complicated video format, which is limited by some video and audio factors, for example: Video codec and audio codec, some player only can support the video or audio, which will cause the no video or no audio issue. Upload the 4K video to facebook which require some special frames and bitrate, even some app limit the video within 60s, like: Instagram etc. All these problem can be solved in this 4K Blu-ray Ripper, user can enter the editing and setting menu to set the video related parameters and adjust the video effects.

The 4K Blu-ray Ripper can remove all the 4K Blu-ray copy protection, like region code: Region A, Region B and Region C are all not the big problem. Just when you load the 4K Blu-ray to this 4K Blu-ray Ripper, within 1 minutes, all the 4K Blu-ray protection are gone. With a blank Blu-ray disc to backup full 4K Blu-ray is a perfect option to protect the frail Blu-ray disc. This 4K Blu-ray Ripper allows you to do batch backup with high stability. Want to get more smaller vidoe size? Convert 4K Blu-ray to digital video is the best way with this software. More information, you can read this review.

How to use the 4K Blu-ray to TiVo BOLT+ Video Converter?

Step 1. Load 4K Blu-ray to 4K Blu-ray Ripper

After the software and Blu-ray disc are ready, open this software, the interface is clean, click “File”>”Load from disc” to load Blu-ray disc into the 4K Blu-ray ripper. Apart from Blu-ray disc, you can also use the program to rip Blu-ray folder and ISO image file.

load BD

Step 2. Choose 4K Blu-ray to TiVo BOLT+ Supported Format

Most choice is to backup 4K Blu-ray to TiVo BOLT+ in digital 4K video format, Click the “Format” bar to open the format list, you can choose the 4K output file format, for example: 4K H.264 MP4 from "Common Video". Then you click “Browse” to choose the output file save to USB for playing on TiVo BOLT+.

h.264 mp4

TIP: You need to click the "Setting" and enter the setting menu, at the Size choice, you can set the 4K video resolution by yourself.


Step 3.  Start to backup 4K Blu-ray to TiVo BOLT+ Process

After all the jobs are ready, press the right-bottom “Convert” button to start to rip 4K Blu-ray to TiVo BOLT+, wait for a while, you can get a brand new 4K Blu-ray.

Watch converted 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+ by USB

After you get the new 4K Blu-ray content and save is to the USB, then here will take the 4K TV as the example to show you how to watch 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+ by 4K TV.

Step 1. Connect TiVo BOLT+ to TV by HDMI Cable

Step 2. Insert the USB to TiVo BOLT+ USB port

Step 3. Use The remote control to play the 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+

tivo to tv

Just simple steps, you can enjoy the perfect 4K Blu-ray movie on TiVo BOLT+, also you can watch the converted 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+ by external hard drive or Ethernet port, etc. Enjoy the 4K Blu-ray on TiVo BOLT+ at will. good lucky to you.

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