Watch 3D Movies on HuaWei VR

There was a time when the idea of being able to watch a movie on a VR headset in your living room was either a fantasy or something to laugh at. Well, that time is definitely behind us with the HuaWei VR. It contains a Mali-T880 MP4 graphics processor and a Kirin 955 chipset, so the display and functionality will inevitably be smooth. Just plug in a phone such as Huawei P9, Huawei P9 Plus, using a USB Type-C connection, the handset will act as the engine for the VR experience.

Access Your Personal 3D Theater with HuaWei VR

Want to experience your yify site downloaded 3D movies or purchased 3D Blu-ray disc movies on HuaWei VR with perfect 3D visual effect? Before going any further, you should first be clear of what you need for watching movies on Huawei VR:

VR video player for Huawei VR

As Huawei VR compatible smartphone are using the Android operating system, therefore, what you need to do is downloading and installing a free VR video players for Android such as VR Player, AAA VR Cinema app, Homido 360 VR Player, VR Gesture Player, VRTV Player on those smartphones for viewing 3D movies on Huawei VR.

3D Movie Mode for Huawei VR

As we know, most Android VR video player acceptable 3D movies are in the format of MP4 or MKV with Side by Side more, Over and Under (OU, Top and Bottom) mode, however, the 3D movies you downloaded from Yify Torrent sites or stored on 3D Blu-ray disc are usually encoded with other incompatible file formats. Therefore, it would be essential for you to perform a format transcoding process.

To get 3D Blu-ray movie or other downloaded 3D movies playable on Huawei VR, a powerful 3D video converter is needed. The program we highly recommended here is Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows/Mac, which has full support for all digital video in various formats with the resolution of 4K/2K/HD/SD and also commercial Blu-ray/DVD disc with copy protection and region code. You can directly generate Side by Side, Top and Bottom 3D MP4 or MKV videos for viewing on Huawei VR.

Adjust output 3D profile settings

With the built-in 3D profile settings window, you can get better 3D effect by adjusting 3D video depth and switch left right image to change the image display order for SBS 3D movie. It also allows you to select between full 3D SBS and half 3D SBS mode according to the perform of your 3D VR video player app. If your VR video player has a powerful graphic power, just select the full 3D SBS, which will ensure a better quality than half 3D SBS.

Besides ANTVR, the program also enables you to convert 3D movies for viewing on other popular 3D VR headsets such as PS VR, HTC ViveSamsung Gear VRGoogle Cardboard, etc. For detailed information, please visit view 3D movies on VR Headsets.

Windows Version Free Download: (Windows 10 included)

Mac Version Free Download: (macOS High Sierra included)

Step by Step to Get HuaWei VR Playable 3D Movies

Step 1: Import 3D movie source into the program

For loading 3D video files, click "File" > "Add Video/Audio" or "Add from Folder".

For loading 2D/3D Blu-ray disc or 2D DVD disc, insert your movie disc into an internal or external Blu-ray/DVD drive, then click "File" > "Load from disc".

Step 2: Output Huawei VR compatible 3D format

Tap on "Format" bar and find "3D Video", from its extended list, choose one of Huawei VR player compatible 3D formats such as "MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mp4)".

Output ANTVR supported 3D HSBS MP4 format

Step 3: Adjust 3D profile settings

Click "Settings" (behind format bar) to open 3D Profile settings window, here you can drag the slider bar to adjust 3D video depth, check "Switch Left Right" option to change 3D SBS movie displaying order from Left/Right to Right/Left or Right/Left to Left/Right.

Change output 3D profile settings

Step 4: Begin the 3D format creation process

After all setting is completed, hit right-bottom "Convert" button to begin to convert 3D video/Blu-ray/DVD to Huawei VR compatible 3D SBS MP4 file format with perfect video and audio quality.

When the conversion is completed, click "Open Output Folder" button on the main interface to pop out the folder with generated 3D file formats. Then feel free to transfer and view them on Huawei VR.

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