Best 3D Blu-ray Copy Software Review

Why Do You Need the Best 3D Blu-ray Copy Software

Blu-ray has been developed for 10 years, As a faithful of Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray you can’t miss, which can bring you a heavy visual force, you can enter another world and climb the mountain, fly in the sky, drive the plane with the movie role, etc. You are immersed in the 3D Blu-ray movie world and forget all the disturbs. You can share 3D Blu-ray with your family and friends at home which sounds so warm and nice.

However, nothing can remain forever, 3D Blu-ray can’t get away with the tragedy, why? The plastic material is the the heel of Achilles, not like the iron, stainless steel, plastis is so frail and easy to be damaged. Once you don’t store the 3D Blu-ray well and make it exposed to the adverse environment, such as: Too much dust, too much water, too high temperature, etc. The plastic will become crisp, then you insert the 3D Blu-ray to the Blu-ray player, you may see the video frames is intermittent, more worse, you can’t see the frames. Repetitive playback will damage the 3D Blu-ray too.

it’s time for you to take action to protect your beloved 3D Blu-ray disc. The best way is to copy 3D Blu-ray for backup with a professional and stable 3D Blu-ray copy software. maybe you have used some not too good 3D Blu-ray copy software, which claims that they can copy 3D blu-ray with amazing speed, lossless quality output, playback 3D Blu-ray smoothly, etc. The fact is that you wait for 5 and more hours to get the copy 3D Blu-ray, the copy process may break down suddenly, when you get the new copy 3D Blu-ray to play, you almost can’t see the character in movie.

Are you willing to take the risk to copy 3D Blu-ray on these unstable 3D Blu-ray copy software? Of course not. So the powerful and comprehensive 3D Blu-ray copy software is very important, a bad 3D Blu-ray copy software choice will cause the Blu-ray disaster. By the constant test and verify, I highly recommend Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows/Mac for you. This software can 100% protect your 3D Blu-ray, also it can remove all the Blu-ray protection.

The Best 3D Blu-ray Copy Software Work Flow

By constant perfection, modification and upgrade, now you can install a quite perfect 3D Blu-ray copy software which have upgraded to V4.9.1.0 version. Open the software, every button is set for you, you can know the button function from the button name: Format button, Convert button, Setting button, Browse button, etc. just a few buttons will solve all the 3D Blu-ray problems you meet.

Load 3D Blu-ray disc

The 3D Blu-ray software can automatically detect the disk when you insert it. Alternatively, you can add an ISO or IFO file or a folder where you have copied the contents of the Blu-ray. On the bottom, you can choose the "Format" to select different video formats as the output formats, such as: MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, H.264, etc. Also you can find some popular devices, like: TVs, iPad, HTC, etc. If you want to play the 3D Blu-ray on these devices, you can choose these devices and the 3D Blu-ray copy software will help you to set these video and audio parameters to the best setting. Following will tell you 3 ways to copy 3D Blu-ray by this 3D Blu-ray copy software.

When you want to copy the entire 3D Blu-ray movie without any loss and Blu-ray protection, you can choose to copy the entire 3D Bu-ray, how to do that? So easy, just need to click the red mark at the top of the software, then you can choose the save location that you want to save the output video files, click "Browse" to choose the location. You want to watch the 3D Blu-ray on other devices by USB or external hard drive, you can connect these storage drives to your PC, then choose them as the save location.

entire format list

You think the entire 3D Blu-ray is too huge, you want to reduce the 3D Blu-ray and keep the video quality, can you do that? Yes, you can, This best 3D Blu-ray copy software provide you a comfortable choice, you click "Format" to choose the "Copy", the Directly Copy for 3D bluray will appear before your eyes, don’t hesitate, choose it, then you can realize your dream: keep the 3D Blu-ray high video quality and reduce the video size at the same time, what a perfect match.


Do you want to make the video size more smaller and keep the 3D effect? No doubt, the powerful 3D Blu-ray software can help you to do that too. At the same location: "Format" list, you can see the "3D video", then you can choose any 3D format you want, like: 3D MKV, 3D AVI, 3D WMV, 3D MOV, 3D MP4. Also you can select different 3D  modes: Side by Side, Anaglyph, Top/Bottom.

3d format

Before the 3D Blu-ray conversion, you may be interested in these: Editing your 3D video. Have you thought that you can be a video editor one day? This 3D Blu-ray copy software allows you to export SRT Subtitles which is a unique feature to perfectly create a single .srt subtitle file with chosen subtitle track from original movie. Also you are free to choose wanted language and subtitle tracks from 3D Blu-ray movies for better movie enjoyment. Other various video editing functions are available in this 3D Blu-ray copy software to assist you with creating personal movies with customized adjustments. It allows you to trim, crop, split, merge, insert subtitles, add video effects, adjust volume, etc. Just enjoy your 3D Blu-ray editing pleasure.

video edit

That’s all? No, you also can adjust the 3D Blu-ray bu click the Setting button. If you have selected 3D MKV or an 3D MP4 file type, the frame rate, the video size and other aspects can be controlled. This will make sure that the final video is in the desired format and size. However, if you are not sure, you can choose the origianl setting.

3d setting

Once all the setting and choices are in place, hit the Convert button and wait for the3D Blu-ray copy software to work its magic. The speed is very fast, You are very lucky if you choose the MP4 format with H.264 codec, why? This 3D Blu-ray copy software takes advantage of the NVIDIA CUDA technology and AMD APP technology, the conversion speed can be 6 times faster than other 3D Blu-ray copy software, You can save time, energy and money, which will enable you to make the best choice the first time!

In general. This 3D Blu-ray copy software is really perfect, considering about the price: $42, so cheap, The prices are same for both platforms – Windows and Mac. You must have one. Once the program is installed in your computer, you can update it to the latest version for free, the update time is lifetime.

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