Can Your Raspberry Pi 3 Play 1080p H.265?

“Is a Raspberry PI 3 enough to play 1080p H.265 videos? I’m totally new to the Raspberry world and i’m interested in getting one and setting one up. Here is my question: can i get my raspberry connected to an external drive via usb to play movies/TV shows in 1080p ? I’m currently connecting my laptop via HDMI to my TV and having the PI would be better. Thanks for your help.”

“x265 HEVC support on the Raspberry Pi 3? I have a lot of shows encoded in x265 at 1080p24, and am wondering if the RPi3 can play them smoothly? I understand that there is no hardware decoding, but is the CPU powerful enough to handle software decoding on the latest version of OSMC or OpenELEC? Whatever feedback that exists right now on the interwebs seems to be somewhat mixed.If it helps, here’s the mediainfo for a typical file that I will be playing:


Actually, H.264 is definitely the most popular video codec right now, but it won’t be long before the majority of online media is using the more efficient HEVC. If you’re planning to stick with your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, you’ll want to convert these files to H.264, which the Pi’s GPU has hardware decoding support for. Fortunately, conversion is straightforward with FFmpeg. Because the video stream has to be re-encoded, it’ll take more time than a simple container switch to get the job done.Grab the latest Windows binaries for FFmpeg and install them to a directory accessible from the PATH environment settings. Then create a batch file in the directory containing the HEVC-encoded files and paste the following code into it.

Best H.265 Video Encoder for Raspberry Pi 3 :

If you tried all the ways above and still can’t play H.265 videos with Raspberry Pi, this way must be effective. You can re-encode H.265 video to H.264 video for Raspberry Pi playback. With Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, you can easily convert H.265/HEVC video to H.264/AVC files. This video transcoder can transcode H.265 MKV, H.265 MP4 and other H.265 files to H.264 MKV, H.264 MP4 for Raspberry Pi playing. It even can convert 2D video to SBS 3D for Raspberry Pi 3D playback. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is also a Blu-ray Ripper that can bypass Blu-ray AACS, BD+, up to MKV V61 and MKB V62 to convert H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC Blu-ray to H.264 MP4/MKV for Raspberry Pi 3.

Besides that, you can use the built-in customization tool to join or cut H.265 video, crop H.265 to remove the black edges, add video/image/transparent text watermark to videoinsert external SRT/ASS/SSA subtitle to video or compress 4K H.265 to 1080p for smooth playback, editing or sharing.

Free Download Best H.265 Encoder for Raspberry Pi:

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How to Convert and Play 1080P H.265 on Raspberry Pi 3?

Step 1: Input H.265 files into the program.

Start the program on your computer, on the main interface, click “File” > “Add Video/Audio” or “Add from Folder” to load unsupported 1080P files into the program. You can also directly drag the files to the program’s main panel.


Step 2: Choose output file format.

Click “Format” bar, from its drop-down option, select one of Raspberry Pi 3 supported file formats such as “H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” from “Video” main category menu, you can also select other file formats according to your own preference.

Output Raspberry Pi supported file formats

Step 3: Trim/Merge/Split/Crop H.265 video.

Trim video length:open “Video Editor&; window and switch to the “Trim” tab, you can drag the slider bars to include the segment you want to remain, click the left square bracket to set start point, and click the right square bracket to set end point when previewing the video or directly input specific values to “Start”; and “End” box.

Trim video length

Split large file into several small pieces: Click the “Split”button under file list to launch the “Video Split&; window. Checking “Enable” to enable it, and then you can split the file by file count, time length, or file size.

Split large file into small pieces

Merge several videos into one: On the main interface, check “Merge into one file”  option to combine all your separate video clips into one single file.

Merge into one file

Crop black edges:drag the green dash line around the video to remove the black edges in the video frame.

Crop black edges

Step 4: Begin the conversion.

After all the video editing is done, hit right-bottom “Convert” button to start converting 1080P H.265/HEVC to Raspberry Pi 3 playable file formats. When the conversion is completed, click “Open Output Folder” on the main interface to pop out the folder with converted files. Then feel free to transfer and play 1080P H.265/HEVC on Raspberry Pi 3.

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