‘Non-Stop’ DVD/Blu-ray review: Liam Neeson pilots fun fly in the sky

I have been watched this movie and I think is a great movie and just like the latest MH370 . 

In actually, I want everyone can watch these movie and enjoy it and have some Reflection. Now, let’s watch the ‘Non-Stop’ review: 

Non-Stop will be released on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow. Is it worth picking up? 

Non-Stop isn’t the most intelligent of movies; in fact, it’s very far from it. Luckily, it still manages to be a whole lot of fun. 

Neeson stars in Non-Stop as an alcoholic Federal Air Marshal. The movie actually doesn’t want you to know his job right away, but any advertising surrounding both the theatrical and now DVD and Blu-ray release have given this away. 

As always, Neeson brings a lot to his role, even when the role is fairly frivolous. Non-Stop is often taking itself a little too seriously, but Neeson taking his part seriously never feels out of place. Though Neeson doing more interesting work would be nice, having a actor of his caliber in these roles helps these kinds of movies. 

Being as almost all of Non-Stop takes place on the airplane, the plot plays out much like a stage play. The movie does have a fairly large number of characters, and having them exist in a plane with nowhere to go forces them to interact with each other. This makes for a character and plot driven story. Characters aren’t usually as important in action movies like this, and this makes for a nice change from the norm. 

Non-Stop is more interesting than you would expect. Typical things for these types of movies do happen; people do die, just like the terrorist says they will. But the way they happen is well thought out, and it’s hard to see them coming. Plot points that are hard to see coming works at first, but at the end they don’t. The ending doesn’t make sense, but it at least doesn’t undo everything that came before it. 

The Blu-ray release is of high quality visually and in the audio, much as you would expect. Unfortunately there aren’t much for special features, but this isn’t a movie that lends itself to them much anyway. If you like Liam Neeson action movies you’ll like this one for sure. It’s nothing special, but it’s a fun movie.
Bonus Features
Non-Stop Action (Blu-ray only)
How do you create exciting and original action on a 20’ by 30’ set the shape of a tube? Director Jaume Collet-Serra, stunt co-coordinator Mark Vanselow, producer Joel Silver, and star Liam Neeson discuss the film’s visceral action sequences.

Suspense at 40,000 Feet (Blu-ray & DVD)
Journey behind the scenes with Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, director Jaume Collet-Serra and producer Joel Silver as they discuss the making of Non-Stop and the film’s suspenseful story.

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