Several Easy Steps to Speed Up Your Computer or Laptop

“Recently, my friend always complains that the speed of his laptop is intolerably slow. It even seems to take forever to boot. Therefore, are there some practical ways to speed up his laptop?”

“My laptop is unbelievably slow, especially while gaming. I don’t have the money to buy a lot of programs to speed up my computer, but I’m getting to the point where I want to throw the dang thing out the window! I do graphics and have quite a few songs on itunes, but I have an external drive that I keep most of that stuff on.”

Don’t worry any more if you are frustrated by the same problem. When A Laptop/Computer has been used without optimisation for a reasonable amount of time, it will begin to clog up, affecting your PCs performance quite drastically. This can be one of the most aggravating things, especially now that we live in a day and age where much revolves around using a PC or the internet.

However, these easy steps to extend the life of your old computer instead of buying a new one. It might be time to replace our slow, old computer, but we’d rather make it last longer instead of forking over a huge sum when we don’t have to.

So, we’ve come up with the top things to do immediately in order to stretch the lifespan of an old computer, whether a PC or a Mac.

Here are Several Easy steps to take for PCs.

– It’s very good you don’t have the money to buy optimizer programs. Those hardly work.
– Storing data on an external drive is OK, but there are 2 caveats: (1) You NEED a second external for a backup (or, of course, web based storage, like Dropbox), and (2) it’s much slower to read and write that data than an internal disk.

General ways:

1. By some kind of speed-up software. There are indeed some software made to accelerate running of system, but it turns out less effective, and moreover most of them needs to be paid or registered. Therefore, it is the last one to choose.
2. Update the hardware, mainly enlarge memory capacity. This is the most effective way since all the procedures running inside of it.
3. Optimize the system, clean up system files. It definitely exists some junk files which would bring the burdon to system running, so it’s necessary to do some clean-up. here I will mainly tell you some techniques to optimize your system.

Ways of not modifying the registry:

1. The less shortcuts and files on your desktop, the faster your computer runs. The stuff on the desktop would take up system resources. So what you should do is delete the shortcuts of our downloaded programs(you won’t lose them for they will be find in the Start menu), and remove the files to Disk(D:) or other Disk except Disk(C:).
2. There are some files in the Disk(C:) which are irremovable even you use system optimizing software, hence we should clean them.
(1)Open My Computer, and then Disk(C:), there is a Windows folder, open it and find Temp folder, then delete the whole content in it. (you’d better shut down the other running applications)
(2)beside Temp folder there is also a folder called Temporary Internet Files, open it and delete the content too.
Note: Do not delete the folders of Temp and Temporary Internet Files, just the content inside. You may do this once a mounth.
3. At the bottom of the desktop there is a Tool Bar. So clean up the shortcuts of the programs only with the Start menu and the icon of anti-virus software. On managing your programs, you can put most used softwares shortcuts in Start menu, and the less used in Program menu.
4. clean up the disks:
(1)click on Start—Programs—Accesories—System tools– Disk Defragmenter
(2)next, analyze the disk first and then conduct defragmenting. That’s it.

Modify Registry to optimize system:

1. Accelerate the speed of booting and shutting down a computer or laptop.
(1)Start-up the Regedit.exe: click on Start—Run—input regedit.exe
(2)Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\
(3)modify numerical data of [HungAppTimeout] to [0], and [WaitToKillAppTimeout] to [1000].
(4)in HKEY_LOCAL_ACHINE\System\ CurrentControlSet\Control, change the numerical data of [HungAppTimeout] to [0], and [WaitToKillServiceTimeout] to [1].
2. End the taks automatically simultaneously with computer shutting down.
When shutting down your computer or laptop, it will pop up some dialogue box sometimes reminding you one program is still running and if you’d like to end it. Acturally we can so some change to let window end it automatically. Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop catalogue inRegistry, and change the key assignment of AugoEndTasks to 1.
3. Speed up the menu display.
Open Regedit.exe, find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, modify MenuShowDelay (400) to 0.
4. automatically shut down the programming that stops response.
Open the key of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\ControlPanel\\Desktop in Registry, and reset the value of AutoEndTasks to 1. click on Start menu, choose Run and type “msconfig” in the input box and press Enter. Then hit on the item of Start-up in which display the whole procedures when windows starts running. But the procedure are all not so important for Windows, so yo can remove the ticks and then there will be more spare space for system so that your computer or laptop will be much faster.

You can have a try and a faster computer in 5 minutes!

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