Play rental DVDs on Windows 8.1/8 RT/Pro tablet and phones without any time limit

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This article mainly discusses how to put rental DVD to Windows 8.1/8 tablet and smartphones, so that you can watch rental DVDs on portable devices without any time limit.

Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, Nokia 2520, Dell XPS 10, Asus VivoTab Smart ME400, Dell Latitude 10, Microsoft Surface RT/Pro, Toshiba Satellite U920T, Acer Iconia W700, Lenovo ThinkPad 2, HP Envy x2, Lenovo Yoga 11S…which one you’ve got as your first Windows tablet?

Out of all those Windows 8/8.1 tablets, Surface RT/Pro 2/1 must be the most attractive product for its tablet-laptop hybrid, a higher resolution 10.6-inch touch screen with excellent blacks, a smooth, pressure-sensitive stylus and an Intel Core i5 processor. It can run any application you throw at it, and has USB and Display Port connections

And because the good file compatibility of Windows 8/8.1, playback movies on Win8 tablets as well as smartphones should be much easier rather than taking a DVD player with you. I have been used to watch DVDs on Surface Windows 8.1 tablet everywhere, most of them are rental DVDs, without any time limit.

Have no ideas how to achieve it? Just follow this article to see the magic.

How to transfer rental DVDs to Windows 8.1/8 RT/Pro tablet and smartphones

Required tool:

About DVD to Windows 8 Converter: this is an ultimate DVD ripping tool that can help you convert purchased/rental DVD disc, DVD folder, IFO and ISO image files to any format that Windows 8.1/8 accepts. The feature I like most is that the output profiles is sorted of device models, which makes it much easier to make the choice.

Step 1. Run DVD to Windows 8.1 Converter; load DVD

Click the disc button to browse and import DVD disc from ROM, or load the ISO/IFO files that you want to convert for viewing on Windows 8.1/8 tablets and smartphones.

Pavtube DVDAID will detect and list the main title (the full length of this movie with all the chapters) and check it by default. So just keep it untouched and let’s move on to Step 2.

Step 2. Choose export format.

You can click the dropdown menu between “Format” and “Settings”, you will see many presets sorted of different device models and programs. Move your cursor over the left column to locate your device model/manufacturer, or you can try the small search box on the bottom right corner.

For example, if you own a Surface RT/Pro, just choose “Windows>Microsoft Surface Windows RT/Pro H.264 Video (*.mp4)” as the best profile.

Step 3. Adjust specs or edit video before conversion (Optional)

Click “Settings” button to configure target file quality. After entering “Profile Settings” panel, you are allowed to adjust video and audio parameters such as bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, etc..

If you prefer a much better video quality and don’t mind the output file size, you can rise the video bit rate higher than 1500. Generally speaking, the higher video bit rate will result in the larger output file size, and vice versa.

Step 4. Start conversion.

Now hit the big red “Convert” to start converting rental DVD movies to MP4 with best settings for playback on different Windows 8.1/8 tablets and smartphones.

After the conversion, you can get the converted DVD rips in *.mp4 format by clicking the “Open” or “Open output folder” icon.

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